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About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...


Usually I read\write on Manufacturing Forum, but now - new message here.

You can import STL to NX as facet body, but very often my customers ask me about converter STL to SolidBody. Why? You can use facet body as Part Geometry for milling for 2.5 - 3 axis, but it impossible for multi-axis machining.

Few years ago I try to build UGOPEN app for read STL data from ascii file and create Bounded Plane feature (before it I build 3 lines as curves) and sew it to solid body. This process start very fast, but after 1000-2000 triangles slowdown and after 2500 - impossible to wait. For each triangle NX make update Feature Tree, and after 2000 features it become too slowly.

I can mill STL in 5axis, I wrote here about it (with User Defined Drive Method). But I WANT TO CONVERT STL TO SOLID!!!

For my tests I found this warrior:

189286 triangles189286 triangles

And I build another application, where I try to write all triangles into BREP-model.

After 2 hours:



NX SolidBodyNX SolidBody





Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

Hello @Chigishev,


I would say, nice job! Looks really great, but you will probably be thrilled with the convergent modeling in NX 11.0.


This would have saved you about 2 hours of work. You'll get the solid on import, and be able to work on it using the conventional NX tools, like Extrude, Synchronous, etc.

Manufacturing is not yet working with Convergent modeling, but if all goes according to plan, it will in the near future (NX 11.0.1?).


Look here:



Hope this helps you.


Kind regards,



Dennis de Brouwer
Application Support Engineer
GTAC EMEA - Siemens Industry Software

Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

[ Edited ]

To prevent the slow-down caused by update, you can try calling NXOpen.Update.SetUpdateLock


Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

Can you show some example how to work with Update Class
In Solution Center I didn't find anything

Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

@Chigishev did you write your UGOpen app in C++? I have been working on a similar app in Python and I am debating whether the move to C++ would improve speed with larger file sizes.

Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

Not C++, just C.

Re: About STL (obj) import STL -> Solid...

Nice Work !
... Dennis says convergent models will "soon" be supported, and maybe so, but there will still be a long way to go until we can do all the things we somehow expect. Like for example placing a blend on a sharp edge.