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About Tolerance analysis

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Does anybody know can I create some GD&T in NX PMI  transfer these tolerances to VisVSA and user these tolerance as analysis base to simulation tolerance stack?

Does anyone know the 3DCS?I think it's integrate with NX before.

many thanks!


Re: About Tolerance analysis


I'd be happy to help you understand 3DCS. For full transparency, I work for DCS, the developer of 3DCS, so will keep my reply to just supplying information and resources. 


You can see the NX integrated version here:


For interface and integration, 3DCS opens as a ribbon in NX, letting you seamlessly transition from your standard NX modeling to Tolerance Analysis, and utilize any PMI or Joints and Constraints already added to the NX model in your Tolerance Analysis, which is handy, especially for new users of 3DCS software. 


You're right, it was integrated into UG before it became NX back in 2008. It was taken out for a short while before being added to the latest versions of NX. 


You can read a bit more about it here:


I can't speak to visVSA personally, but I can answer questions about 3DCS.