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Access component's material property (Description) on drawing



In my parts list, rather than showing the Name-Description in my parts list, I need to show the Description of the material.  I cannot find the name of this attribute/property.  First of all, does anyone know how to show the name of this property in the parts list (if I can find the property name, I know how to add it to my parts list), and secondly, is there a way to access the part file so that I can figure out how to access any of the data associated with the part.  See the attached picture which shows the data I am trying to show.







Re: Access component's material property (Description) on drawing

Hi Matt,


as soon as you assign a material to a solid in the piece part, a part Attribute (System Attribute) called "NX_Material" is created in the part, and the material name is applied as the value. Additionally, an Alias can be used (OOTB: "Material", and can be configured in the Customer Defaults.)


To see all asserted Attributes, I recommend you add a column with a custom attribute to the assembly navigator. I always have that...


See video.

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Re: Access component's material property (Description) on drawing

@Johannes_H, I believe the problem is that Matt wants to get access to the Description of the material "POLYCARBONATE", rather than the material name "PLASTIC_LEXAN_SMOKED". It appears that NX can only show the material name in the Parts List and that the description is not accessible.

Re: Access component's material property (Description) on drawing

I just heard from GTAC and it seems there are is not a way to reference the material properties I need in a parts list.  I'm surprised because I'm quite sure that the information is stored within the part file; there is just not a simple way to access it.  My hope was that there was a list of less commonly used attributes that are not automatically created (like Material) but are nevertheless accessible if needed.  It appears this is not the case.

Re: Access component's material property (Description) on drawing

Hi Matt,


sorry I missed your point previously.


The only way I see to solve your issue is a customization using the NX API.

You could do some programming using the NX API and create a program that looks for the desired value and creates/updates a part attribute accordingly. If you have a dll for it, you can implent the dll as a save user exit. This means when you hit "save part" the function is executed every time before the actual save process starts.

There is a dedicated forum for such requests in the NX Customization and Programming Area: Maybe someone has had the same issue as you before...