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Add Material in Part Families

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Hi there,


Anybody knows how to add material in Part Families?


I attached to model a material by using Asign Material command, but when I choiced Material collumn in the Part Families command, the alert shows like image below:




NX 12 | TC 11.4 | Win10


Re: Add Material in Part Families


Hi @bauler,

maybe the message it's not so clear. Please refer to the help page.

Thank you...

Using NX1867
RuleDesigner PDM

Re: Add Material in Part Families

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Siemens Phenom

bauler --


As the message states, naming the solid body is the key here.  You can assign a name by right-clicking on the solid body (specifically the solid body, and not a feature) and adding it here in the "General" tab:




Once you've done that, the body will be available for inclusion in the part family spreadsheet when you choose Material from the Available Columns option menu:




...and if you set up your spreadsheet something like this:





Then the part family children will take on the appropriate new density based on the identified material:




Hope that helps!

Taylor Anderson
NX Product Manager, Knowledge Reuse and NX Design
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