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Adding functionality to the part navigator (Bookmark a feature)


Hi All,


Is there a bookmark available for the part navigatore? it will be really nice to be able to bookmark a feature so that one can remember to roll back to that location when needed.


Does this exist or can we offer this new sugestion for a future release?




Re: Adding functionality to the part navigator (Bookmark a feature)

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


You can create a temporary FEATURE GROUP (and name it accordingly) for the feature you are interested in and just make it a current part when required.



Re: Adding functionality to the part navigator (Bookmark a feature)

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

In addition to @kapilsharma's suggestion, you can give a feature a custom name or add a comment to it. When I have an important feature that I need to find quickly, I'll often give it a custom name by right clicking on the feature and choosing "rename". So if I have feature "Extrude (1)" and I name it "widget", it will show up as "Extrude (1) widget" in the part navigator. By default, NX uses the "system and user" name display, but you can change this in the customer defaults if you want to (customer defaults -> Gateway -> part navigator -> All -> name display). The part navigator also has a "comments" column (you may need to turn it on by right clicking in the part navigator whitespace and choosing the "columns" option) that you can click on to enter longer text describing the feature or making notes.