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Additional Balloon for common parts in drawing for a single or only one view.


Hello all- Please forgive if this topic has been covered elsewhere. I searched but didn't find anything. I have a requirement with additional balloons and would be nice if I get a soultion to the issue. I am using NX 8.5.


I am working on a master assembly which has many variants of the finished product within the assembly. for example I use variant structure or configurable BoM’s. (A variant BoM contains more parts and assemblies than actually needed to assemble the final product and configurable BoM is many possible BoM’s loaded into just one product structure).


I use Variant configurator in Structure manager to define rules and conditions.


Well the problem is with Balloons or callouts. In the assembly drawing, I have many common parts and I use auto parts list & balloons for the drawing.  All the common parts shared within the assemblies are stacked up and will be shown in only one row.  For example if I use 60 qty of M24 fasteners across assemblies it will be shown only once and only one balloon for the fasteners.


If I use VC and configure the assemblies the balloon loses its associativity and needs to be manually re-associated. I am looking for a solution for this process, where I can add additional balloons with same callouts for fasteners in all sub-assemblies.


Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!