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Re: Alluminium profiles

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Solution Partner Legend

Meanwhile from our side it looks like this: a guy is wondering from board to board, from thread to thread and making offtopic claims about SW superiority in all departments. Smiley Happy

Mike, I know more than one 'world', I am a successful experienced user of Autodesk Inventor. What you fail to grasp when you claim that SW is 'better' than NX is that SW (and SE and Inventor) are mid-range CAD, while NX (and CATIA and, to an degree, Creo) are top-range CAD. There is a whole world of difference. SW is a tool for manual work on tasks of moderate difficulty and complexity. NX is a platform for development of automated solutions of infinite difficulty and complexity. Surely CAD like SW are providing robust tools for many tasks because they are meant to be worked by hand. Meanwhile the task of NX is to provide functionality which is then leveraged by the custom applications developed to perform the most demanding work. This is why it might seem to you that SW is 'better'. Yes, better to work by hand. While NX is better in serving as a foundation for ultra-complex applications. I hope that helps.

Re: Alluminium profiles


Hello! Feel free to PM me for details."



Now who can’t give a straight solution or is indicating incapabilities? Sorry, if I obstruct your privet consultation opportunity.

I don’t know to whom you are referring “OUR” to! But I’m not an entrepreneur or some salesmen but a bottom-line user working 8-10 hrs daily with NX. Yes, I see many bottom-line issues than guys who think they are high and mighty. So, when I bring them up, it must be irritating to many devotees and I’m becoming unpopular.

In fact, almost every 32 ERs I submitted in the past couple of years are focused on very basic issues I face daily. It was done after many fact-finding missions through these forums to make sure that I’m not missing any other solutions available and to make mine and other poor works life easier. Sometimes I tend to show other existing solution merely to prove my point and to show it’s not an impossibility.

Unless we contribute promptly to make it a user driven software, we will be always criticising developer’s ideas and solutions which could be far from reality or will take years or never to get them fixed. Maybe this kind of contribution is not appreciated here.

Michael Fernando

Die Designer

Re: Alluminium profiles

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Solution Partner Legend

My conversation with the other posters has nothing to do with you.

What I personally do not appreciate is that you're relentlessly trying to create an impression that SW is the ideal software without drawbacks. This is the real reason why you are unpopular.

Re: Alluminium profiles


Hi everyone,


I just wanted to remind you of our community Rules of Participation. As long as you adhere to those and are respectful of each other, you are free to discuss anything of relevance to the topic of NX Design or CAD. 




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