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Ambiguous Alert message

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Maybe @BenBroad will have some insight...


I know it's only an alert, but I have users that get in a panic over them, and many times I myself would like to understand better what the alert is telling me.


In this case, I have a Studio Surface, that says, "End limit no longer intersects chain 1".  My first thought, is it something I can live with, or should I try to get rid of the alert, to better control my surface?


So lets find "chain 1".  Looking at the Dependencies, I can see I have more than one "chain 1", so that's not much help.




So I edit with role back, and hit the preview button, hoping for an astrick in the location of the issue, but nothing.  No indicator of where the issue is there...


Visual examination isn't very telling in this case either, so it comes down to deselecting, and reselecting strings.


Now, the best part, I think the alert could just be telling us that an intersection curve is no longer there, if the "stop at intersection" option was toggled on.





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Re: Ambiguous Alert message

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @DaveK,


Be aware that alerts have three states:

  1. Information - just info and if it causes you no problems then it can be cleared in the part navigator (background context menu)
  2. Warning - this has possible problems that may need correcting and can be cleared in the part navigator (background context menu)
  3. Error - a serious problem that needs fixing