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Anyone using JT to convert to Maya ?


Hey Guys and Gals

Anyone using JT to go to Maya or other solutions using polygons ?

We are, works quite good (can be controlled, names of files can be kept, order muss sein) but we do not know how to get it completely right..

Like merging enticies

And having a decent order in the UV´s or whatever they are called in poly (a bit of a mess now, looks good enough and quality etc. can be controlled, but no good for texturing)


If anyone else out there has some tips or needs someone for these kind of discussions then do contact me..





Re: Anyone using JT to convert to Maya ?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

There is translator out there that may be able to help do this.

  have you tried using STL files instead of JT files. 

look at downloading blender and convert your models to OBJ to import into Maya. 

We are looking at going to 3Ds studio.  So I will be following this thread closely.

We have a program that will export all parts of an assembly to an STL file.


Re: Anyone using JT to convert to Maya ?


Thanks! Just tried downloading a trial for Okino (did not get it to work but will try again if someone says that is the way to go..).

Ended up using JT as it works quite well, gives control over resolution, where the data goes and structure, have tried most of what is available but there is probably someone out there who came further or persued a better path.

What is lacking using JT is control over the "uv" but maybe this is something that cannot be done properly when having a computer convert from nurbs to poly - or maybe it can ! Okino? STL doesnt help here (sorry)

And then there is the merging of entecies that most probably has a solution that I haven´t found, either on the NX side or in Maya (we might script it away, but easier if it is done properly when creating the JT´s.

Good to see there are others with some of the same issues (I guess everyone going from nurbs to poly has quite a few and different problems to solve).

Re: Anyone using JT to convert to Maya ?


Why would you want to convert from nurbs to polygons? Maya can handle nurbs too, and has the DC STEP importer, which can import STEP files from NX, thereby preserving the quality of the original geometry and with greatly reduced file size. Then if you later must have polygons, you can presumably use Maya to do the conversion.


However, generally the best way to convert anything from nurbs to polygons is by importing the STEP file into Rhinoceros and save to a polygon format like FBX. That software gives the most control over the quality of the conversion, as well as preserving the NX body names.