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Arrangements error




I have used one component in an assembly at different positions by using arrangemets (Example 4 position in 4 arragements) and added one more component that comp should show or not. To control this i used controlled by expression used 0 to suprres and 1 to unsuppres, but problem im facing here is if i suppres the 2nd component in any of arrangements assembly constraints are breaking. How fix this please help.


Re: Arrangements error

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @Ravishankar,

That is the warning, not the error. If you hover the cursor on the icon in the 'Info' column it will show the tooltip information as 'Referenced objects have been deleted or suppressed'.

Do not suppress the component in all the arrangements. It has to remain unsuppressed at least in one of the arrangement. I guess you have suppressed it in all the arrangements, so the constraints are showing the warning icon.




Re: Arrangements error


Thank you, Ganesh.


I understood the concept.