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Assembly Constraints shortcut


Are there any shortcuts to changing the type of constraints? If I am assembling parts I don't want to have to continually mouse up to the constraint type and select the type from icon set and then mouse back to graphics screen to select geometry. 

Say you want to move from touch/align to center or concentric to center.


Re: Assembly Constraints shortcut

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I do not know if you are the same person, but some discussion happened here a couple days ago.


Re: Assembly Constraints shortcut


@sdeters Nope that wasn't me. I appreciate the Macro idea but that won't really work for my situation.


Back in the days, the mating constraints used to change/limit what constraint types were available based on the geometry you were choosing and you could choose the constraint from the RMB. 

Maybe it's time for an ER to be filed?