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Assembly Structure and Modifications

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Solution Partner Pioneer

We're trying to setup NX and TCE to create an user-specified assembly. I know in NX and TC you can specify what parts to load. If any other parts or an assembly come with it, do you have to do any further modifications?


For example: if I intended in loading the front driver side door outer panel but happen to get the whole door assembly, is there anything else I can do to fix that assembly? I know I can suppress parts or hide parts, and it'll save that into TCe. I also basically want one node to represent the assembly. Do you have any thoughts on how to do that?


Additionally, have you heard of WAVE Linking, Simplify Assembly or Assembly Representations in NX? I don't need a large description about each but what would be the best to use on the above example assembly (Front Door). Are these functions similiar to Suppression that will also save that in TC but won't change the overall data.



Jason Brehmer


Re: Assembly Structure and Modifications

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Siemens Phenom


I guess you can look into advanced assemblies (ZONES/proximity ) for the same . It will help you load selective components only based on your inputs. 

This should help in your case. 

Do let us know if you need assistance oin the same.

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Re: Assembly Structure and Modifications

If you want to load/open specific subassembly from an assembly, I would suggest to use 'Bookmark'. Open the entire assembly > Make the subassembly as displayed part that you want to open later > Use 'Save Bookmark'



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