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Assembly dimension in MB

Good Morning,

I have a part file whit geometry, it less than 20MB,

I need to add some components to this part ( around 10 parts in assembly).

Now the part is around 350MB, no geometry added, only parts in assembly tree.

It's normal??



Speziali Bruno


Re: Assembly dimension in MB

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Speziali_Bruno ,

Please go through below discussion thread. Multiple options to reduce the file size are mentioned there.

This might help.




Re: Assembly dimension in MB

thank you but is not my case.

My model it's very light it a 35m boats whit all radius and after a cleanup it's only 15MB.

I have the problem only if I add the components on this file....seems that new components add something to parents, but I don't have any new geometries. 300MB of preview image I think it's no possible

Re: Assembly dimension in MB

Finally I solved,

there is something corrupted in primary part file. I saved the geometries in a new file and  I delete all geometry in this file and I saved....It still remain around 300MB...

So I created a new part empty, imported the geometry and now I have a 15MB file, and after I added parts in assembly tree the weight still reamain around 15MB