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Assembly drawing Drafing


Dear community,
We are preparing assembly drawing for large assembly.we create all the views and make it to "snap shot".
we found error that while storing drawing file in TC without no part or assy in assembly naviigator.
One of my colleague work with components in assembly file.

Now the issue is the drawing is not saving as new part file.It shows error.

kindly share me alternative processes for large assembly drawings. NX 8.5


Re: Assembly drawing Drafing


Hello Arun,

i guess the issue you facing is due to the "Assembly load options"(check attached image) ,kindly check with the load options where the assembly parts are saved in .

the load options should be set to the same folder ,once this is set you shouldn't face the issue in saving the assembly file .


If still you face the same issue ,kindly share the image/issue which it is popingUp so that i can help.