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Assy Constraints with Named Points

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Honored Contributor

NX9 TC 10.


Another, "this is how we did it in Solidworks" question came up.


For a suspension assembly, they would name the points on the control arms, chassis, and spindle (aka upright).  As long as new parts were made from one of the older parts, with the named points, they automatically assembled to the corresponding named point on the mating component.


Can this be done in NX?  I know we can name points, curves, etc., and I know you can have a component remember assembly constraints, but can the component remmber them based on a named entity, and assembly without, or minimal user interaction?



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Re: Assy Constraints with Named Points

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Similar functionality is available in NX.  You can assign name attributes to objects (faces, points, etc) in the components that are to be mated to, such that when a component is replaced the constraints remain associated to the named object in the new part.


When assigning a name attribute to a point be sure to select the Point object itself and not the feature (either use quick pick or change the type filter to point).  You can turn on Object Names in the view to be certain that the name was assigned to the object and not the feature (Visualization Preferences > Names/Borders (tab) > Show Object Names: Work View).

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