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Attribute Editing of a part number for Title Block


Hi all;


  I'm looking for a way to to redact some information from what is used to identify a part in Teamcenter so that it will show only what I want it to show in the title block without having to override each block in the drawing.  


  Currently I use the standard: <WRef1*0@DB_PART_NO> but for identification in Teamcenter there is a Prefix that I need to remove in order for the P# to be "correct" based on the process documentation.  Is there a way to do a <WRef1*0@DB_PART_NO"less XXX"> or something where I can cut off the first part of the number?


Thanks in advance


***Edit: I'm a noob with regards to NX and am learning it and Teamcenter "on the fly" so I apologize for my ignorance.  


***Also I just realized this should have probably been posted in the Design forum.


Re: Attribute Editing of a part number for Title Block

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @Pfister_Jt


You'll probably have to use the Expressions editor to accomplish this.

Create an expression and use a combination of the subString and ug_askPartAttrValue functions to get the part attribute's value:  subString(ug_askPartAttrValue("DB_PART_NO", 2, n), where 'n' is sufficiently large to accomodate all part numbers.

Then reference the expression in the title block rather than the attribute.


Regards, Ben