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B-size (11x17) Plotter

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Gears Phenom

This should be on a hardware forum, but I don't see one....we are looking at some new printer/plotter hardware, something closer to desk size, that we can get 1:1 B-size drawings.


I know setting up a "printer" to work as a "plotter" can be a headache sometimes, has anyone had good results, with minimal headache with anything?  This could be sheet feed, or a sheet feed with a 24" roll.  Just looking for models that work.




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Re: B-size (11x17) Plotter


A few years ago I looked into this.  I only needed a few plots per month at the 11 x 17 size and our design jet no longer functioned correctly.  I felt deskjets that could accommodate this size of paper were outrageously priced.  I ended up buying a used HP Laserjet 5000n off craigslist for this purpose.  It has two paper trays.  One tray is set to 8.5 x 11 and the other is 11 x 17.  In the NX Plot Admin program, I set it to use the HP LaserJet 5Si as the "Printer Model" and it works correctly.  As I am on Windows 7 64 bit, there are no drivers available specifically for that printer and Windows 7.  I have to use the HP Universal Printing PCL 6 driver.


 Edit: I guess I should note that this is only a monochrome printer. (Black toner only)


Re: B-size (11x17) Plotter

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Solution Partner Phenom

I don't have a specific recommendation, but in my opinion, go into the the SDI Print Administrator and buy one of the models listed there. That way you know if you have issues, then GTAC should be able to test it and assist rather than picking something not on the list and having to muck around to make it work.

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Re: B-size (11x17) Plotter

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Valued Contributor
I think any postscript printer should work.Over the years I haven't used a postscript printer yet that didn't work. But that is not a 100% guarantee of course.
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