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BOM Line note from Reuse library

Hello All

This question concerns more about Moldwizard but can be generalized to Reuse library.


The reuse library exists in native environment and has a user attribute defined in one of the members. While creating a component in NX managed mode, it gets created succesfully with the user attribute as well. This user attribute is a BOM line note defined in BMIDE. After creation and a first save, a modification to this attribute can be seen in the structure manager. This is possible because of the preference PS_Structure_change_condition defined in Teamcenter.


Unfortunately this preference does not update the structure upon first save. (Just after creation) Only further modifications get synced with Teamcenter.

Is it possible to sync it while creation / first save time?


Thanks and Regards

Balaji Srinivasamoorthy


Re: BOM Line note from Reuse library


The solution seems to be a work around.


We have to use File->Save->Force Save All.


This would reflect the BOM line note in Structure manager


Thanks and Regards