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BSP threaded holes

I would like to control depth of this kind of holes in milimeters not in inches. I haven't found a way with the customizing menus of NX so I think I may modify nx502_Threaded_Hole_Standard.xml changing units to metric and translating inches measures for diameters... to milimeters. Is there a better way to do this? Can I have a problem in future that I can't see now?


Accepted by topic author Javiduc
‎12-20-2016 07:26 AM

Re: BSP threaded holes

When working with expressions, such as within the hole command, you can enter your value with your units of choice and the expression system will take care of the conversion for you. For instance, let's say you want the thread depth to be 10mm; in the hole command for the thread depth, enter "10mm". The expression system recognizes "mm" as a unit and will do the conversion for you. As a check, open the expressions dialog and create a new expression with dimensionality of length and unit of inches; then enter "10mm" as the formula. In the expression dialog, you will see "10mm" as the formula and a value of 0.3937... as the value.

Re: BSP threaded holes

Thank you. I think this is going to be very useful for me, not only for the hole command.