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Balloons with reference parts NX10


Hi Experts!,

a costumer ask me about Balloons in a Drawing that is made as follow:

first ,open 3d assembly and then they generated a drawing file of this assembly.

They generated the part list with all components.

They generated Auto balloons

(see attached picture --at Top--example1).





Second ,they add a new base view that shows 3d geometry of a different part.

They try to modify part list changing levels(Edit Levels) in order to include new part ins Assembly Navigator Tree(this part is included as reference).

They cannot select new reference geometry in order to modify part list table and Ballons.

(see attached picture example2).




Any idea to get include this new geometry in part list table and put the Ballon too?


Thanks in advanced for your collaboration and help!!



Re: Balloons with reference parts NX10

Look at your assembly navigator.  You added these extra views from a drawing component vs having these in your assembly.  See the attached image. 

Re: Balloons with reference parts NX10


the icon You marked as a drawing is not a drawing but the result of create new view in drawing and use a 3d part that is not the previous one.

I am not adding the new part as a component in 3d assy .

Re: Balloons with reference parts NX10

The icon that @sdeters pointed out means that you have a "drafting component"; these do not show up in the graphics window if you switch to modeling nor do they participate in the parts list, they are for reference only. If you want it to show up in the parts list, you will need to add it as an actual assembly component.