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Bending a Nitinol tube with cut outs




I want to simulate the bending of a Nitinol tube with cut outs as realistic as possible, I use the solver 601,106 advanced Nonlinear Statics with NX 12 for this. In reality, the tube will bend with a cable attached to the last part. So I tried to make and mesh the cable as well. I added contact parameters since the cable moves along the inside of the tube, but the tube only bended 30 degrees while I want a bending of 90 degrees. So I tried the bending only with a moment (applied with a spider connection), which worked, but the moment was unrealistic large. Now, I am trying to do the simulation with a small moment (calculated with the predicted force times the distance) and with the predicted force orthogonal to the upper surface. The problem that I counter is that the force doesn't stay orthogonal to the upper surface but stays in the same direction so that I get a S-shape but I want a regular bending (see picture). So I am wondering if there is a possibility to let the force move with the surface? Another problem that I counter is that the meshes often go into eachother.

Can anyone help me? Thank you.

mesh and spider.PNGbendig with moment and force.PNG