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Bitmap as Convergent Body


Hi all, 


Watching this video (the NX11 Convergent Modeling demo of the engraved key)...

.. they talk about "a bitmap that has been converted to a convergent body"....


But how do you do that? Or is it not implemented yet?

I'm searching here in the forum or the online documentation and I can't find it....


Can someone help out? Thanks!



Re: Bitmap as Convergent Body


I just googled a bit and I was able to do it with an external software (Blender) by making a plane and applying a grayscale bitmap as a displacement modifier and exporting the geometry as .stl.

That in turn imported in NX as a convergent body...


Is this the idea or is the processing of the grayscale image as depth actually implemented into NX?


Re: Bitmap as Convergent Body

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
This functionality cannot currently be found in NX.

Regards, Ben

Re: Bitmap as Convergent Body

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

To expand on Ben's comment, bringing the bitmap in as a 3D model was done using an NX Open routine written by one of our application engineers.


There are a number of external tools that allow you to convert bitmaps to 3D models and into SLA, as mentioned earlier, Microsoft actually include a tool with Windows 10 called 3D builder which is quite powerful.


And, once again as mentioned earlier once you have the SLA model you can import it into NX and you are ready to start modeling.




Re: Bitmap as Convergent Body

Thanks Paul, Ben,

Kudos to the application engineer too ;-)
Any chance that script becomes public?

Per your post, in the meantime I guess my method is valid too. Blender is open source and very powerful, although admittedly overkill.
Thanks for the tip. I still run Win 7..

Greetings from Europe