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CV (Knot) Snap in X Form



Another day another issue. Smiley Happy

I'm still trying to get a grasp of what Alias Surfacing funtionalities are morrored in NX and which are not.

One very simple thing is the CV (Knot) Snap. It's a basic functionality in Alias allowing one to snap a control point to the grid (basically useless and irrelevant for NX as there is no grid) to the WCS Planes or to points, curves, edges etc.


What I want to do is - I'm working on some sufaces which ar derivative of complex geometries. I want to reduce the complexity so I remove all Spans (Patches). I also remove one half of a symmetric part to further simplify (and just mirror in one operation at the very end).

Naturally I notice that the second row of control points from the edge on which I want to have symmetry vary from the first row. (As you know if they are aligned we have a G1 Continuity and in case of symmetry that's all you need to have G2 along this edge after the mirror.)
Now in Alias I would just align the view to the symmetry plane and snap the CVs in x and then y (up/down and sideways, but not in z - closer/further). Done (and mathematically perfect). I don't think I can do this in NX10 (I got it to work by doing it manually, but it bugs me Smiley Happy ), but I guess that's what the Boundary Constraints are for. Unfortunately I cannot get them to work. I chose G1 or G2, but the CVs stay put... :/ I also get no CV movement out of the edge symmetry tool...?


1. What am I doing wrong? (maybe a link to a tutorial? Smiley Happy )
2. What are the other tools?


I hope someone can follow my chain of thought... Smiley Happy


Thank you in advance.


Re: CV (Knot) Snap in X Form

Can't really help with accomplishing the symmetry & continuity issues or best ways to pull & tug knots/poles, but there is a Grid in NX it's just turned off and you need to turn it on.

Look in the NX Documentation under Fundamentals -> Customizing the NX Environment -> Using Preferences -> Grid

Re: CV (Knot) Snap in X Form

If you do not have one already then create a Datu, Cooedinate System on your symetry plane.

Then use the Edge Synnetry command.


Steve V

Re: CV (Knot) Snap in X Form


You can try this option also.

Snip the patch (using snip) by the symmetry plane.

Extrude the edge on the symmetry plane (direction normal to the plane) to get a sheet.

Use MATCH EDGE (G1 only) to get the desired tangential symmetry.


I think as Steve suggested "Edge Symmetry" should also work.


Best Regards