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Checking associativity of PMI dimensions


I have created a part with PMI dimensions, and I need to check whether every dimension, surface finish symbol and note is associated to its appropriate face.


The manufacturing team currently uses the wave PMI linker to check associativity of these dimensions, but most of the PMI dimensions cannot be linked or selected, particularly in section views. This happens to be the case even when associativity has been correctly given at the model level.


Is the Wave PMI linker a reliable way to check the associativity of a large number of PMI dimensions, or is another method more reliable? Please advise on the same.


Re: Checking associativity of PMI dimensions

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


There is a PMI Report command that will produce a spreadsheet report on selected PMI, or all PMI at the assembly level (work part). You can also report on the components. 

A column of associated entities will be displayed, including for PMI section views.  Objects can also be highlighted in the graphics window from the spreadsheet.


http://lmdbuild/tdoc/nx/12.0.1/nx_help#uid:xid1128417:index_pmi:id964221Smiley Tonguemi_general_info_pmi_report 


Christine Haiss

Information Developer

SIEMENS Industry Sector

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Re: Checking associativity of PMI dimensions

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Siemens Phenom

PMI Report

@ChristineHaiss, the link posted by you seems to be different (internal??) than normal.


Re: Checking associativity of PMI dimensions

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Siemens Legend

The function @ChristineHaiss refers to is found through Menu-->Information-->PMI-->Report

You either pick selected PMI or all PMI in part. The system will create a spreadsheet with all the information you need.