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Clearance Analysis NX10


This is my first post here so I am not familiar with all the rules and I don't know if it's ok to mention other CAD programs.


I've recently exported an assembly file from Autodesk, where no interferences were found, to a STEP file so I could run simulations on it in NX10. While creating the mesh, I've noticed that I couldn't properly mate all the parts' meshes so I ran a Clearance Analysis. It turns out that almost every part was interfering with each other, because the cylindrical joints were being approximated with Polyhedrons and, therefore, since the parts were all tighly connected in the Autodesk file, they had interferences in the STEP file in NX10.

Is there any way around this? I can't edit all the parts so I was wondering if there was a way to add a margin so that the meshes in these parts surfaces could merge.


I attached the .prt files created from the .stp by NX. The assembly file is  FinalCadeiraTap_structural_stp


Thank you in advance,



Re: Clearance Analysis NX10

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor
I took a look at your parts. Clearance analysis identifies 4 hard interferences and the remaining are "touching", with a zero distance - so not really interfering. The 4 hard interferences are pins interfering with the armature. Both parts have cylindrical surfaces, so they could easily be constrained so that they align correctly and don't have hard interferences. Regarding your problems mating your meshes, have you looked at boolean add (all solid bodies in same file), mesh mating conditions or surface surface glue?

Combining meshes:

Gluing elements:

Regards, Ben

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