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Re: Batch Clearance Analysis Set Up Help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

So I now have the full detail on how the batch assembly zones work.

In short, it's primary value is for situations when the assembly is too large to load into session in one go.  If you can load the assembly completely then the batch zones add no real value here.


Anyway to describe how they work...

  • The assembly structure is loaded to determine the overall bounding boxes (ie the volumetric extent of the assembly). An update structure (RMB in assembly navigator background) is advisable to make sure everything is present and correct
  • Now the maximum x,y,z of the assembly is divided according to the number of divisions entered
  • Each zone is then extended by the maximum clearance zone value (if any) to make sure interferences on zone boundaries are not missed - so the zones will overlap.  If a component intersects the boundary it will be included in both neighboring zones.
  • So once the zone members have been identified, for each zone we
    - load the components in the zone
    - run the analysis for the loaded components
    - Unload the components
    - repeat for each zone

There's no real performance benefit when using zones as the loading and unloading of parts into session negates any benefit. During any clearance analysis (if zones are used or not) components are checked by their bounding boxes and ignored if they clearly do not intersect.

 A good method for performance and general efficiency would be to run in Lightweight mode first with a larger clearance zone than required (to account for the faceting tolerance).  Then re-run in exact mode on interfering components (MB3-->Do Solid Check).

Another minor thing is to keep the top assembly up-to-date (save it after the analysis). So when you open it up again, the clearance set knows which bodies have actually changed/moved since last time, and it can avoid reanalyzing stuff that didn’t change.

(credit to Mike Nelson for helping with the detailed response)




Re: Batch Clearance Analysis Set Up Help




I want to run several sets in batch.

what is the way to do it?

I try this:

"v:\aeapps\ug\NX12\nxbin\ug_clearance" -n="SET1" -r="report-set1.log" "C:\DATA\OF01-WTB2\OF01-WTB2.prt"
"v:\aeapps\ug\NX12\nxbin\ug_clearance" -n="SET2" -r="report-set2.log" "C:\DATA\OF01-WTB2\OF01-WTB2.prt"

Re: Batch Clearance Analysis Set Up Help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
looks like that should work