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Clone multiple times


hi everyone, 


I need help on how to clone SAME assembly (and its parts) multiple times (with naming rule).


for example:


I have:





and I want to be able (may be through log file?) to clone that assy and its parts multiple times in one operation:














and so on..


Now I have to do it manually ( I mean, by cloning... but one each time, problem is I have to do this like ten or twenty times, with multiple different assemblies). Right now still working with NX9 (but we are about to upgrade to nx11)


thanks in advance.





Re: Clone multiple times

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Have you tried recording a journal of the clone operation?

Should be easy enough to then alter for the number & folder...

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Re: Clone multiple times


Hi! thanks for your answer. I tried, but couldnt record a Jounal of clone...


I believe I should do it manually (I mean be able to write a journal to do the kind of clone I want), but I have no clue on programming.


thanks anyway!

Re: Clone multiple times

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

One way to address this (with quite some manual work) is to create a clone file (log file) and then record a macro running this clone file.

The clone file could/should look like this:

Assembly Cloning Log File
&LOG Default_Cloning_Action: CLONE
&LOG Default_Naming_Technique: USER_NAME
&LOG Default_Container: ""
&LOG Default_Directory: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"
&LOG Default_Part_Type: ""
&LOG Default_Part_Name: ""
&LOG Default_Part_Description: ""
&LOG Part: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\Main_assy_01.prt"
&LOG Cloning_Action: DEFAULT_DISP Naming_Technique: DEFAULT_NAMING Clone_Name: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\Main_assy_02.prt" 
&LOG Part: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\part_B_01.prt" Cloning_Action: DEFAULT_DISP Naming_Technique: DEFAULT_NAMING Clone_Name: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\part_B_02.prt" &LOG Part: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\part_A_01.prt" Cloning_Action: DEFAULT_DISP Naming_Technique: DEFAULT_NAMING Clone_Name: "C:\NX_Models\NX11\part_A_02.prt"


And the macro something like this:

Macro File: C:\NX_Models\NX11\Multiple_clones.macro
Macro Version 7.50
Macro List Language and Codeset: english 17
Created by unknown_user on Wed Nov 15 12:04:15 2017
Part Name Display Style: $FILENAME
Selection Parameters 1 2 0.229167 1
Display Parameters 1.000000 15.020833 9.906250 -1.000000 -0.659501 1.000000 0.659501
DIALOG_BEGIN "Clone Assembly" 0 ! DA1
PROP_PAGE 0 ! Main
BEG_ITEM  3 (1 OPTM 0) = 1  ! Clone
BEG_ITEM  7 (1 OPTM 0) = 0  ! Root Parts Only
BEG_ITEM 13 (1 BOOL 0) = 0  ! Dry Run
BEG_ITEM 17 (1 RADI 0) = 1  ! From Directory
BEG_ITEM 22 (1 OPTM 0) = 0  ! User Name
BEG_ITEM 27 (1 WIDE 0) = "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"  !  
SWITCH 0 0 29 0! Log Files
ASK_ITEM 27 (1 WIDE 0) = "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"  !  
EVENT ACTIVATE 0 0, 32, 0, 0, 0! <DLC> Load and Apply Existing Log File
FILE_BOX -2,@@@C:\NX_Models\NX11\Clone_file_02.clone@@@C:\NX_Models\NX11\*.CLONE@@@ 0 ! Load Cloning Log
SWITCH 0 0 0 29! Main
ASK_ITEM 27 (1 WIDE 0) = "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"  !  
EVENT ACTIVATE 0 0, 12, 0, 0, 0! <DLC> Execute
ASK_ITEM 27 (1 WIDE 0) = "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"  !  
BACK 0 0 ! Back Callback
DIALOG_END -4, 0 ! Clone Assembly: BACK

Create copies of the clone file for the number of clones you need (you can't make several clones of the same part in the same cloning file). In each copy of the clone file you then edit the part name defined after Clone_name: (in this example 3 different places all named xxxx_02.prt) to the file name wanted.



Then you edit the macro to match the names of the clone files. What you want to do is to duplicate all rows in the macro from

SWITCH 0 0 29 ! Log Files

to the last

ASK_ITEM 27 (1 WIDE 0) = "C:\NX_Models\NX11\"  !

to match the number of clone files and also edit

FILE_BOX -2,@@.... rows to call for the correct clone file respectively.

Leave the last two lines at the end of the macro.


At this point you should be able to run the macro thus running all clone files at once.


Of course there are ways to do this differently and more automatic, but at least quite straight forward and easy to comprehend.


This example were created with NX11, but it works the same way in older versions of NX too (atleast since NX6 I believe). If you're working managed with TC the syntax for the parts is a bit different, but similar enough to easy understand how/where to make the modifications in the clone files.


Hope this helps.

Re: Clone multiple times


hi lars, 


thank you for your quick response. I will give it a try and let you know. (not very familiar with programming.. so wish me luck!)


thanks again