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Command Line Arguments for, Step, Dwg, and Iges


Is there documentation somewhere the details what the command line arguements / syntax would be fore creating Step, Dwg, and Iges files?


Re: Command Line Arguments for, Step, Dwg, and Iges


I dont aware of command line utitlity, but you can write a automation program to do this. 


Following may help


Exporting JPEG


export pdf of each drawing sheet




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Re: Command Line Arguments for, Step, Dwg, and Iges

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @InternBL,



Run translator from the command line (IGES only example)

Running translators from the command line (IGES and STEP example)


For example: $%UGII_BASE_DIR%\iges\iges.cmd ”D:\Iges\Solid.prt” o=”D:\temp\Solid.igs” d=”D:\iges\igesexport.def” l=”D:\temp\iges_log.log”


If you open the cmd file in a text editor you can see which options are available (o, l, d).  You'll also have to ensure that you're pointing to a valid JAVA install.  The docs do not appear to have a DXF example, however, if you review the 'dxfdwg.cmd' file in a text editor you'll see that similar options are used.


Note: Make sure you specify ".cmd" in the syntax to prevent the ".exe" with the same name from being used.


Regards, Ben