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Component Disappear after rotation

Hello everyone, I have been trying to rotate a component with a macro and every time the component is rotated or translated, the component just banish. The piece is still on the file according to the "Assembly Navigator" but after activating all layers there is no clue of the component. 


Re: Component Disappear after rotation

The rotation may simply be moving the component beyond the current view clipping plane. To test this, run the macro then press the "home" button on your keyboard; this should reset the view clipping planes and orient the model to a trimetric view. If the component is visible after pressing the "home" button, you know it is a view clipping issue.

Re: Component Disappear after rotation

Thanks Cowski, I have done that before and still not working. 

Re: Component Disappear after rotation

What else does the macro do?

Other ways the component may be hidden include (but are not limited to):

  • layer visible in view
  • hide component in view
  • suppress component
  • change reference set to "empty" (or other set that does not contain the geometry)