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Component Groups in DMU


Hello good people of the community,


I'm trying to use component groups to hide components in a DMU that I don't need at this point. To do this, I created an attribute for the comoponents (e.g.: dmu_valid; string) and in my DMU I've created a component group which excludes all components that have this attribute set to "N" so it hides all these components at once.


This kinda works but it's not exactly what I was hoping to get because I have to toggle the component group off/on for it to take affect when adding new components. Second thing is when a component is added, if I change the attribute it changes on a work part (assembly context) level, so the there is actually no change after toggling the group off/on again.


Does anyone know how to achieve this or if there is a completely different (better) method of doing this?


EDIT: Better solution would be to exclude the components with this attribute set to "N" from the reference set. How can it be done using Knowledge Fusion?


EDIT 2: Removed the default value for the attribute and now it works correctly on an assembly level but still requires a manual toggle to update. Drawback, an individual component can be manualy set to "show" again.


The exclude from reference set approach would be the best solution if anyone could help me with that.


Re: Component Groups in DMU

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Hi @hajnal ,

Did you try it with assembly arrangements? Create additional arrangements and suppress component(s)/subassembly specific to arrangement.

Re: Component Groups in DMU


Hi @GaneshKadole 


arrangements could work but are again mostly a manual process...

I would like to automate this somehow and combine it with TC, for example:

The attribute is mapped to the revision so it can be changed in TC and when someone loads the DMU components are shown/hidden dependent on that attribute.


Something similar can be achieved with varaints management in TC but I'm not very familiar with the tool and it requires an additional license if I'm not mistaken.