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Configure existing Checker

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I'm new to Check-Mate and I'm trying to configure an existing checker to check if the part or drawing has an attribute already set. The one that I found that may be suitable for this is "Check Single Part Attribute" or "Check Single Drawing Attribute". However this is how far I have come. I dont know how to configure it to check if the Weight Attribute is set on the part or drawing. How can I do this?






Re: Configure existing Checker

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Siemens Phenom

gic_nx --


Looks like Tony Salerno (the Check-Mate product manger) is out on vacation today, so I'll go ahead and answer with some somewhat dated material that should still answer your question.  :-)


First off it looks like you've found the right template checker(s) already.  Nicely done.


The document linked here is the "take home for reference" packet from a training course we taught at PLM World several years ago.  The section you'll need is Activity 8, on page 44: "Using a Template Check".  (This is a case where we've prepared the skeleton of a check for you, and you just need to populate some specific bit of info -- in this case, which specific Attribute you're wanting to see.)




Does this help?



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