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Connect variable number of FE components in AFM



I am currently encountering a problem which I am (so far) not able to solve.

I have a casing structure as a part file and I want to connect this casing via a variable number of struts. One strut is modelled in a part file and loaded via "Pattern Component" n-times in the assembly. So far, so good.

Now I want to connect the strut-ends to the casing with RBE3 elements. On the casing, I have a pattern for the "strut support" faces, which is divided from the main face. The RBE3 shall connect the beam end point to the edge of this strut support face.


On first view, this is not a problem, but the RBE3 connection does depict a manual operation. So if I would change the expression "Number of struts" from 12 to 13. One RBE3 element might be missing.



Is there a possibility to "pattern" also the strut + strut-to-casing connection so that it is robust if i change the number of struts?






Remark: I am working with a shell-model casing and a beam model strut