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Convert Broken Interpart Expressions to Static


We recently updated to 10.0.3 and the new preserved interpart expression feature is much welcomed; however, is there any way to accept or suppress the message for the broken interpart expressions forever? Alternatively, being able to mass select and convert to static values would also work. As it is, you have to physically click "ok" everytime you open an assembly. 


Currently, every time you open an assembly in NX, you're presented with all of the interpart expressions that are missing the reference part and there is no way to select all and forget or convert to static expressions so the designer is tasked with manually selecting each expression and typing in the value. 


Also, we have several seats that are viewer only, so this pop up which obviously looks like something is wrong has resulted in multiple calls from other employees. Any way to disable the "cannot find part" event list so that users who are not designers don't need to fret over this?


In most cases, if the part is missing, it was removed on purpose and the part that the expression is referencing will not be coming back. 




Re: Convert Broken Interpart Expressions to Static

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I believe you can set the environment variable




This will disable the warning screen dialog.