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Copy drawing sheet into the similar part



I have some parts with similar geometry (i made them by copying one part and changing some dimensions after that). Then i made a drawing sheet for one of them with views, full description and annotations. How can i transfer this drawing sheet to another part with views' dependency changing?

When i use copy/paste command for the sheet i get the only linked one.


Is there any solytion of my problem or the only way is to make drawings before copying the part?


Re: Copy drawing sheet into the similar part

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


Try the following:

  • After you have made the different versions of your master model file
  • Copy the drawing file using 'Save As' to a new name
  • Within the Assembly navigator select the master model component
  • Right click on it and choose 'Replace Component' (if this option is not available make sure to enable component replacement within your assembly load options)
  • Within the Replace Component dialog, select the new version of the part you want to use
  • Update your drawing
  • Save

Since all the versions of the part have common geometry (edge and face ID) then all your dimensions and annotation should be able to update without problem.


Re: Copy drawing sheet into the similar part


Thank you for your answer!
The reason of my problem is that i don't use master model (i just insert drawing template into the model file). This method is more convenient for me, but, as i understand it, changing associativity of drawing sheet is impossible.