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Create balloon is always (3) ?


Why "create balloon" is always (3) after placing ? (NX 9)

-> Until I click "Update part list" ? Then it updates to right number.

-> Why balloons can't auto update after placing ? Setting to do this ? Or is there a quick button(shortcut button) to update part list ?

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‎12-23-2016 12:07 AM

Re: Create balloon is always (3) ?

Hi I don't can't help you on your first question. But on the shortcut topic you can do one of the following: You can create a shortcut button by left click on "Update part list" and Add to top border bar. You can also create a key shortcut by going to Home > Customize (Ctrl+1), Shortcuts tab, Keyboard button and then selecting the command and pressing the desired combination.

Re: Create balloon is always (3) ?

When you manually place a single balloon, NX uses the value currently in the text entry field in the dialog box.  Updating the parts list updates the balloon to the parts list component the leader points to.


To avoid this, you might look into using the Autoballoon function.

Re: Create balloon is always (3) ?

Make sure the Text box, in the Balloon dialog is empty, then when you update the parts list, it will populate them all correctly.

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Re: Create balloon is always (3) ?

Tried creating a single click shortcut, but it doesn't update any balloon ?

  • Only way is to right mouse click part list and update parts list.