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Create wings for ground effect vehicle


My subject is to create the displayed feature for a vehicle. I already know how to do the airfoilskonfrageflügel.png

first question is. How do i get the airfoil to be filled and not to be hollow?

Second question is, how do i get the connection of these two airfoils?

It should look something like this:


Basically i only know how to create the two airfoils at the bottom. However i do not know how to create the horizontal and vertical "connectors"

Note that we just started using NX, so im a complete beginner. 



Any help is appreciated


Re: Create wings for ground effect vehicle

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I will start with the first question with the simple answer.

If I see the image correctly the spline curves describing the airfoil are planar. If so then you can cap them with the Bounded Plane command. Then use Sew to combine the 3 surfaces into a solid body.

If the ends are not planar then use Patch Opening or Fill Surface.


However looking at the image it looks like you have used a single closed spline to define the wing. I would advise against that.  Better to create the upper and lower pressure surfaces as separate splines with shape not rounded at the ends where they meet (surprised the point data for the shape is not defined that way). Then round the ends with either using a blend command or conic surface function.


Second question is not totally clear to me what you are asking. But basic principle here would be to create the individual sections as separate solids, either directly as solids using extrude and swept features or individual surfaces which are then sewn together. Then Unite all these solids together.





Steve V

Re: Create wings for ground effect vehicle

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend


If your sections are planar, then you should be able to get the ends automatically capped if you set the 'Body Type' option within the dialog to 'Solid' instead of 'Sheet'. Both for the 'Through curves' or 'Studio Surface' commands have the Body Type option within the settings group of the dialog.


If you can't see the 'settings' group in the dialog, make sure you set your dialog to the 'more' option so all hidden groups are shown (click the upper left icon next to the command name in the dialog).