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Creating a batch file to open NX with different options


I want to create two batch files. One for opening NX managed (TC) and other for NX native. I want that the customized options for NX managed will be different thant the ones for NX native, for example I dont want NX native to save JT files while saving prt file, maybe some different icons tabs too. How can I do that? Thank you


Re: Creating a batch file to open NX with different options

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

1) Do you use the "NX Custom" environment.  If not, I would suggest looking in the NX Customization & Programming" forum for it (if you use the web interface, it will be pinned to the top of the threads list).  Download & read the README and use this to set up your customization


2) For what you want to do, it looks like you will need at least 2 sets of

- defining ENV variables

- customer defaults


If all you want different is set by ENVs or customer defaults, you should be able to set up one "NX Custom" environment with 2 copies of these files (one for each) and share the rest of the environment.

If you want lots more stuff different between the environments, you may need 2 completely "NX Custom" folder trees.


You might be able to combine the .BAT files & present the user a menu, they can pick which environment they want to use, and you could define the ENVs (one of which points to the site level customer defaults to use) & start NX appropriately.


One question - if you are using Teamcenter, why would you want to set up a "production" environment outside Teamcenter?  That would only encourage use of NX outside TC, which (to me, if TC is available) is not a good thing to encourage...


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