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Crosshatch scaling to the geometry of part




Is it possible to automaticly scale crosshatch distance in assembly drawing based on the size/geometry of the sectioned objects. In the picture I have manually adjusted the crosshatch distance, but can this be done automatically in NX 10? We'll move to NX 12 in the next year.




Re: Crosshatch scaling to the geometry of part

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi JazzSinatra,


There is no way of scaling the crosshatch distance in relations to the size of the sectioned geometry with a preference. The cross section is created at various angles for each solid in the assembly but with the same crosshatch line distance and the crosshatch is edited manually after the fact where the crosshatch have been created and where different crosshatch line distance is required. The actual crosshatch can use an expression but it will just use the value of the actual expression, it will not be associative to that expression.


Since you mention Scale I assume that you have looked at the preference settings and found the Scale preference settings under the Crosshatch/Area Fill tab. This setting however is only controlling the scale used when applying an area fill and does not apply to Crosshatch.


Should you require the described behavior I suggest to open an enhancement request with GTAC. Be detailed and please suppli parts and


Best Regards


Re: Crosshatch scaling to the geometry of part

Hi Sandman,

I find it bit strange, that CAD-software like SolidEdge and SolidWorks do have this feature, but Siemens flag ship NX doesn't.