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Cura interface to NX


Cura 3.0.4 provides a pluggin for NX to provide a direct interface in the NX ribbon.

The problem I have is that when I click the button, I get


License Error, License Module Not Found [-10005]


Does anyone know if there is a special license for this?

Or is my problem due to using the Learning Edition?


Export STL works ok. But it would be nice to get this new interface to work.


cura_interface.jpgCura interface


Re: Cura interface to NX


Hi @MarkLawry,

I'm the Cura interface also and the tool to export to Cura works fine. The Cura button use a journal to interface to the Cura software. Learning License doesn't have the journal run module maybe.

Thank you...

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Re: Cura interface to NX

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Solution Partner Phenom

i have created with a colleague the NX interface for ultimaker.


There is no check for license in the tool. 

It only can be that you don't have a runtime license voor journals

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Re: Cura interface to NX


That has to be the problem. Correct, I believe the Learning Edition does not include Journaling.


Anyway, it is nice to see the Cura interface in NX. There have been other questions on in the past on this forum where that should have been the answer. 


Thanks for the response.