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Recently I have been using deformable parts for some purchased components that are stored as read only in our database in just one multibody .prt file (pneumatic cylinders, travel chains for wires...). I am very happy with the results and thankful to some forum members that helped with that. The main advantage for us is that we can match a single item/prt with a purchasing reference/number in our ERP and as they are "read only" parts we can modify the part (deformable) without modify the original geometry and without affect other projects where the same parts are used. It is a very "clean" approach.


Now, I am wondering if this can be improved even more. First, I would like to relate the variables that control those deformable parts when inserted in an assembly to other variables in the assembly. Second I would like to avoid bodies and features of those deformable parts to remain in the assembly when the deformable part is removed from the assembly. Can those things be done? Thanks again!



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@Javiduc, for your first question, when you add the deformable component and its dialog comes up, each of the parameters is a design logic widget. For each you can either type the name of an existing expression or select 'Formula' and then reference the expression from the expressions list.


For the second question, I am not sure why there are left over bodies after you remove the component from the assembly. Only the geometry originally defined in the assembly should remain.


Take a look at the movie below. It would be good to know what kind of different behavior you are seeing.

(view in My Videos)