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Dashed dimensions




What's the best way of achieving cylindrical dimensions like such:

2017-01-20 11_47_13-E1A1582636_A_Sealinginsert_hubdisc_stage1-2-3-4_C3.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.jpg


The bottom halve of this part is not visible on the drawing. I've created a section view that covers the full part, dimensioned the diameters and then updated the section line to only one halve of the part.


This, however, creates dashed dimensioned that aren't associative anymore.


In AutoCAD it was easy to just update the viewport to only show one halve of the cylindrical part. 

Is there an easy way to do the same thing in NX?






Re: Dashed dimensions

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if you right click on the view border you can go to boundary, here you can manually change the view boundary and make it like you want.

the dimension you can change to single sided dimension.(click dimension, settings, single sided dimension)


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