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Date input for Siemens NX Drafting


Is there a method to autofill a label (or a cell) with current date when drawing that does't change when you open the file later on. To put it differently: How to get the date of file creation (rather than the  date last managed or viewed) and automatically put it in a cell or note.


-Defining a string gives you new date each time.


-Defining an attribute requires you to do the same on every drawing (it would be faster to just typa a date itself than, so no help that way)


Thank you for the answers.


Re: Date input for Siemens NX Drafting

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
This is where Teamcenter helps. You can map an attribute to the creation date of the item (containing the NX part) in Teamcenter. The syntax in the note in your drawing template calls the attribute. Similarly, you can complete most fields of your title blocks using this method.

Alternatively you could automate this procedure, in native NX, using GRIP, or NX Open.

Regards, Ben