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Dealing with the "Part Material Selection" window

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

The following window has caused confusion, and bad parts in my past experience, due to users not understanding what it was asking them.  At a former employer, a user got this prompt, and picked the wrong material, which then populated the drawing incorect, and the parts were made with the wrong material.


Since we have just gotten the material to populate our title blocks, based on the assigned model material, I'm looking for a clear way to explain this prompt to our users, to avoid having parts made incorrect.  When opening an assembly, is the most 'dangerous' time, since you may get this promp multiple times, and not know exactly which componnet it is refering to.


My personal rule of thumb, is to click "cancel", if I am not 100% sure what material a part should be, and then 




For those not familiar with this prompt, you will get it, if a model has more than one material assigned to it.  Either by a user not removing a material when a material changes, or via a wave link, which has a material.

NX1867(if it had versions) | Teamcenter 11.6 | Windows 10