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Decimal marker to a comma in hole table




I'm hoping someone can help me.  


I have a hole table on a drawing but the dimensions are shown with a period as the decimal marker and they have trailling zeros.  My drafting standard is set up to reflect ISO standards so the rest of my demensions show a comma as the decimal marker and they do not have trailing zeros.  Can anyone direct me to the settings where I can bring the table in line ISO?


I am using NX




Re: Decimal marker to a comma in hole table

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @James_C,


Both of the issues you raise appear to be current limitations.  I was able to find a couple of existing ER's:


  • ER 2232327 - Ability to suppress trailing zeros in the Hole Table.
  • ER 7779938 - Ability for thread callouts to use commas as the decimal delimiter.


While ER 7779938 covers thread callouts in general, we don't appear to have any ER's specifically against the Hole Table requesting the ability to change the decimal delimiter to comma (for all values), so please consider opening an IR with GTAC to submit a new ER.


Regards, Ben

Re: Decimal marker to a comma in hole table

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We have the same issue with PMI Coordinate notes. ER7296944.


NX 12.0.0 TC11.3 VMU 11.3