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Default settings NX 11.0



I've searched for this but all I've come across were settings that applied to a drawing, and not as a default setting.

Where do you change the default line thickness for every new drawing? It comes up at 0.7mm on every new drawing which is way too thick.


Thanks in advance..

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‎12-19-2016 04:32 AM

Re: Default settings NX 11.0

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It depends on Drawing Settings Origination.
If its set to Drawing Standard, then you set line widths within Customer Defaults > Drafting > General/Setup > Standard (TAB) > Customize Standard > View > Common > Visible/Hidden lines and etc. (TABs).

If its set to Drawing Template, then you have to seed (dont know if its a right term) these settings to each and every template file.

Re: Default settings NX 11.0

Thanks a lot! I've tried adjusting the Drafting standard and that works perfectly.