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Deformable cable won't bend



I've made a cable and added all stocs to the feature-list in "Define deformable part.." 


I'm trying to test it in one of Siemens training-assemblies. 

I use "Place part" to place it to one of the connectors, and it works great. 

But when I use "Move part", choose the connector on the other end of the cable, then use "Placement Object" as method, and select another connector in the assembly, it just streches the wire ends instead of bending the cable. 


What do I have to do to make this work? 


Thanks in advance! 


Re: Deformable cable won't bend

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to make routing parts deformable, mostly you have to stick to some rules.


First at all the connectros should have a port, and been quallified. Then create the path from the port of the Connector X1 for example to the port of the connector X2. I would choose Lock Length function if a specific length is needed. The line is done with a spline.


Then i create the logic for it.


Only the Sweep of the Logic must be added.


At the assembly use Move-Part and select Placement Object, the upcoming massage accept with Yes.


In the next Dialog select PORT


And then on the followed Dialog the Icon for Locking and select lock and press OK


Now it should move



Re: Deformable cable won't bend


I have made qualified connectors in accordance with Siemens guidance, and made a spline path with lock length. 


What do you mean by "Only the Sweep of the Logic must be added."? 


I've tried the "Place object" and "Move object" to make the connections, but it simply doesn't work. As you can see from the pictures attached to the first post, the cable won't bend, only the wires. 

Re: Deformable cable won't bend

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Siemens Phenom

Hi Daniel,

Good day.I am not sure if it will be possible for you to share the part .

I have seen this a few times myself also (deformable parts in routing) . What NX version you are on (NX10).

Also you selected all stocks (including the terminal wires also) in the Define Deformable Part definition. Will it be possible for you to create the cable using the routing tools instead and assign the terminals directly afterwards using connection navigator? Selecting all these wire stock in the deformable def. might also be creating the issue.

Best Regards


Re: Deformable cable won't bend

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Hi daniel,


thats wired. I tried the same now with the siemens parts and it work like it is descriped. Could you maybe upload your part as kaplisharma asked, or making a video.


How did you made the Cable? With Routing Tool or did you used other functionality?  Because i only see one sweep at my cable to select at the deformable part wizard.

Re: Deformable cable won't bend


Thanks guys. 

NX version 10.0.28. 

I've talked with an Siemens-autorized partner that also has talked with Siemens, and the reason for the problems is that the module for electrical routing don't support pre-modelled terminals. So when I design a cable that should be used many places, I can't choose "Create terminals" and save it. I have to import the cable to the assembly, and THEN choose "Create terminals". 


Now the cable would bend, but the result is strange. It moved the connection-ports around, and if I choose that the ports should be fixed, it still has a strange behavior. (See picture) 

It routes strange, and if I choose "Create terminals" it makes another cable that goes where it did before it was bent. 


Parts are attached.