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Deformable part in Arrangement

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Is it possible to use deform part in Arrangement option ?


I tried to make one, but could not create the deform part to arrangement specific .


Please explain how deform option can be achived in Arrangements 


Thanks in advance





Re: Deformable part in Arrangement

It's not possible.  We have several ER's requesting similar functionality.

Consider explaining your context in more detail so that the forum can advise you on possible workarounds.


Regards, Ben

Re: Deformable part in Arrangement

Thanks Ben . Sure I'll keep this info in mind on next post.


The post was intented to get some info on the problem below.

Showing the compressed and non-compressed state of spring assy (like spring position in cycle stand when it is released and made on).


I need to present these two assy states. Could anyone suggest a better way on this problem ?

Re: Deformable part in Arrangement

This is the solution I suggest

Re: Deformable part in Arrangement

Thanks !!!


We are on the same page. I tried the same... Smiley Happy


Is this the only possibility or do you see any other roads??


/Sathyaraj C

Re: Deformable part in Arrangement

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On your assembly, you probably have a parameter(1) which for arrangement(1) have for value 50 and arrangement(2) 80.

You can create wave link expression for parameter(1). Between your assembly and your spring.

And when you switch beetwen assembly, every spring is updated.


But if it's reuse part, it's not the best way.... for demo it's cool !


Best regards