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Delay of 5 minutes to calculate an offset or a blend.


We are using NX11 in the company.

I'm working on a part with a lot of blends and if I want to change a blend or do an "Offset Face", it takes aprox. 5 minutes until NX has calculate that it's possible or not to apply the feature I want.

When I take a look on the performance of the CAD station (Task Manager) I see that there are only 2 cores used, the other 2 are on 1%. 

Isn't it possible to "activate" the 2 other cores if necessary? Or are we using workstations with a bad configuration?

We have DELL Precision 7520 with i7 - 16GB Ram - NVIDIA Quadro M2200 - Windows10


Re: Delay of 5 minutes to calculate an offset or a blend.

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I don't think that you have a bad setup; the fact is that a CAD model update is largely a linear process. The features in the tree cannot be split up indiscriminately and computed simultaneously; the parent features must be updated before the child features can be calculated. Some individual features can make use of parallel computing during update (booleans, for one example), but not all can or do.


That said, 5+ minutes to update an individual feature is a bit extreme; I get a bit anxious if a feature takes longer than 30 seconds. If a feature takes a long time to update, it may be on the edge of stability. I'd suggest using "examine geometry" to check the validity of the model and trying to simplify the model, if possible. Also, check for wave links in the file; sometimes a simple change in your model necessitates updates to multiple other models which will, of course, increase your waiting time.