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Re: Design: Show/Hide functionality


hi @1u7obd 


Thanks for the confirmation.


Basic hide/unhide feature in NX is too primitive that it needs the combination on Layers/groups/ref sets. (i consider categoeries as layer description) Unfortunatley, this doesnt satisfy our needs.


Our concern is that it take a lot of time to arrange CAD in NX.


I  want to propose enhancement for hide/unhide functionality in NX. How to do it?

Should i close this post here?  

Re: Design: Show/Hide functionality

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Santa ,


Please contact GTAC team, they will provide you ER template.


GTAC | NX Help: NX1102 | NX1202 | NX1847
Please mark post as an "Accepted Solution", if it answers your question/is more helpful!

Re: Design: Show/Hide functionality

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @Santa !


I have discussed such workflows with a number of users.


Not sure if this is your case, but in every case that I have encountered it, the users come to NX from a CATIA background.


FG's have certain similarities to CATIA's Geometric Sets, in that they allow grouping and categorizing features.


That might mean physical location, such as features related to specific zones of the parts are grouped together in FG so they can easily be managed, such as in a car fender where one FG for features that form the mating area to the hood, another FG for features round the headlamp, and another FG for features around the door hinges.


Others use FG's to group specific manufacturing purposes, such as an FG to define the rough part, another FG to define the manufacturing features, and another FG to define the output final machined shape.


But, there are also differences in FG's from Geo Sets, and the one most users ask about is the "visibility". Geo Sets also control visibility. FG's do not and were not designed to.


As mentioned to you already, the way Child/Parent relationships work in NX, I doubt that things can be done exactly you as wanting (but that does not mean we cannot have a more efficient workflow that meets your high-level needs - see my closing comments).


So while I understand your issues here, you are asking FG's to do something they were not designed for (specifically, they do not, and cannot, be used to control visibility in some cases).


There are some workarounds I have seen users use, but have to say I do not recommend them in most cases. It's better in the long run for there users to use NX as it was designed and adjust their CATIA way of thinking, although that's easier said (easier written!) than done.


So having warned that there are plenty of downsides to doing this, because it's inefficient and has other issues, I will tell how some have been able to force old methods to NX: they create an Extracted Body at the bottom of each of their main FGs. This is what get's used as input to the next step in the process. They then Hide all Parents of the Extract.


This will "appear" like Geo Sets for many workflows, but again, I warn against this.


I will also say we have some projects in R&D where we have been looking at this workflow and have tried a few different ways to address it. Some worked better than others. Some of the prototyping has even been run past users. In some workflows it's great, in others, there are still downsides. Some could be "enhancements to FG", and others could be considered new features themselves.


I'm not sure we'll end up with here, but when you file your ER on this, please try to include a high-level workflow of how you actually use such functionality rather than just a narrow request to "allow Hide/Show based on FG", because I doubt it would even be done exactly that. But if know your end goal, we work to see that any new functionality, no how it's implemented, could be used to satisfy your case.



Re: Design: Show/Hide functionality


hi @PatMcManus 


Thanks for the comment.


I have been using various softwares including NX and i am not asking the same feature as the other software.

My background is Engineering drawing(paper). CAD soft is just a tool

Its just difficult to manage for my workflow in NX. 


Its complicated to explain my issue in detail here. I will close the post as of now.