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Diameter Dimensions Preferences


NX 10, TC controlled


Anyway I can get the diameter dimension in drafting to always have one arrowhead on the "outside"


the default is a 2 sided diameter with 2 arrows pointing inward towrds the center of the circle.


I have to go into settings-->Arrowhead --> unselect "apply t o entire dimension" --> select "out" --> unselect "show arrowhead" under dimension side 2


this would be nice to find in customer defaults and i cant find it (if at all possible) so that i dont have to do this everytime i want to create a dia dimension after selecting the dia dimension tool.


Re: Diameter Dimensions Preferences

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi @bdemps ,


You can use:

  1. Rapid Dimension command and place dimension outside the circle/arc or
  2. Just use "Arrow Out Diameter" option from Scene dialog .

And Arrowhead settings is common to all dimension, so if changed from Preferences, will be applied to all dimension types.


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Re: Diameter Dimensions Preferences

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Gears Phenom



The setting for this is controlled by the Customer Defaults Drafting Standard, which is typically locked by admins to avoid violating certain standards (ISO, ASME, etc.). However, you can change it via Drafting Preferences (session dependent) but like @SamadhanGaikwad pointed out, if you change this setting, it's going to affect ALL dimensions from that point forward meaning a horizontal or vertical dimension will also have a single arrowhead, etc..


IMO, the best route typically is to edit the dimension settings on the fly, before you place them on the face of the drawing sheet.  You can access the settings while creating the dimension, either by the dimension's main dialog or by pausing and waiting for the graphic popup "mini dialog" (the one that usually gets in the way) or by MB3 before placing the dimension.  The last 2 choices may not have ALL of the settings to which you want access.


Once you place 1 dimension like this, you can typically use Inherit and click on another that's already had the one arrow removed - but it's going to inherit all settings from the source dimension (color, alignment, justification, appended text(s), tolerance, etc.).


Hope this helps.

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